Pool heating

Why heat my pool?

If your pool’s water temperature is frequently below 25 Degrees Celsius, swimming is uncomfortable and very few adults (if any) will enjoy swimming.

Most people consider a new simming pool for reasons like:

• Having fun at home together with family and friends

• A safe place for the children to play

• An extention of the gym to exercise at home

• Or a relaxing place to meet at sunset for a cocktail with your spouse

To make swimming really enjoyable for all during daytime we recommend a water temperature of 28 Degrees Celsius and for night-time swimming more than 30 Degrees Celsius. Thus, a pool heating system, in our opinion, is a necessity and not a luxury item for you to enjoy your backyard or indoor pool.

Benefits of Solar Pool Heating versus Electrical Heat Pumps:

• Solar heating uses free energy from the sun to heat water versus electricity used by heat pumps

• The annual service cost of solar pool heating systems is lower than that of heat pumps

(approximately R600 compared to R1500 per year for heat pumps)

• Solar heating systems do not require upgrading or installation of new electrical cables which are normally required by most new heat pump installations

• Solar energy is environmentally friendly

When to consider a Heat Pump as pool heating system:

Despite the higher operating- and initial capital costs, swimming pool heat pumps are still prefered by some home owners for the following reasons:

• Limited roof space. To heat an outdoor pool in full sun effectively, at least an area equivalent to half of the swimming pool’s surface area, is required on the roof for solar panels.

• Solar panels cannot be installed on thatched roofs and heat pumps are the only other economical alternative where no ground space for a solar panel stand is available

• When temperature control is of utmost importance such as for swimming schools and gyms

What is the cheapest type of heating?

Solar pool covers (also called solar blankets) are the most economical method to raise the temperature of pools in full sunlight.

Benefits of using a solar covers:

• It increases the water temperature of outdoor pools in full sunlight by about 5°C

• It reduces evaporation by up to 95%

• It keeps your swimming pool dust-free

• It extends your swimming season by a few months

• Most installations will take less than an hour with an installation fee of around R600

Disadvantages of solar covers:

• Relative short lifespan (2.5 to 3 years)

• They should be stored in shade or protected with a solar protection sheet when not in use

• Solar covers can not be used as a safety cover for children