Pre-moulded pools

imagesXUB60XW3Generally speaking, it’s now an accepted fact that fiberglass pools require the least amount of  maintenance of any other swimming pool on the market. With there smooth, non-porous surfaces, it’s hard for algae to grow on the fiberglass and when used with a salt chlorinator, the minimal maintenance is astounding for many pool owners.

Fiberglass swimming pools can be installed in a very short period of time. The main reason being is that the  swimming pool structure is fabricated off site meaning that once the hole for the swimming pool is excavated the finished swimming pool structure can be lowered in to the hole, filled and then decking and landscaping to be completed.

The surface is smooth and as a result children and adults skin is not damaged by the pool surface. As a Fiberglass swimming pools is built off a mold the benefit is that the design schematic is exactly what the swimming pools is going to look like. We hear so many customers complain about concrete pools after they been build because the design is formed on site and in so many cases the design envisaged by the customer is not what is finally build by the builder. With Fiberglass swimming pools you know exactly the design and sizing enabling you to plan your backyard landscaping around that exact design.

The disadvantage on the other side is that there is a limited number of designs and that ( depending on the size ) the pool need to be transported via road to the home. So the dimensions of the pool is also limited.