Remodeling Old Pools

Old homes have older swimming pools and when remodeling the pool area is planned, the basic approach is to replace the pool deck or paving together with the interior lining and waterline tiles.

More expansive remodeling project may include replacement of part or all of the pool shell; re- shaping the pool and even adding lights or a water feature as focal point. During renovation, it is always a good time to replace outdated plumbing, pump and filter systems as well as electrical cables. Installation of a pool heating system for un-heated pool is a “must have” to add in order to make the pool enjoyable for the whole family and to maximize use.

Other items to have a look at are: An automatic chlorination system (chlorinator); pool covers and/or safety nets with lighting on top of the list to beautify the pool for night-time entertainment and relaxation.

Usually the most expensive part of repairing and remodeling pools, are re-lining the pool. For concrete pools, the options are to install a fibreglass lining or to have the pool surface chipped and plastered with marble plaster (“marblite”).

Major advantages of marble plaster are:

• “Marblite” provide an authentic and appealing look

• Real ceramic or glass tiles on the waterline ensure that the marble plaster remain under water to protect it from exposure to dry conditions which may cause hairline cracks

• Marble plaster is available in many different colours, including: from white; skyblue; turquoise; charcoal; midnite blue; portland grey to my favourite being sandstone.

• Nowadays, the life expectancy of marble plaster is about 10 years if the water chemistry is always balanced and the water kept free from algae

• White marble plaster is normally cheaper than a comparable fibreglass lining.

Major advantages of using fibreglass as a pool lining in concrete pools:

• The surface is normally more smooth when compared to marble plaster over time

• It’s much easier to clean and restore to the original state after neglect or non-cleaning for a long period

• The life expectancy of fibreglass is less dependant on water chemisty and also about 10 years after which in most cases only the final coat need to be re-coated

• Note: We also renew pre-moulded fibreglass pools.

Preparation before you request a quotation:

• Know when you would like to start with the project. Remember that the rainy season is the worst time to build a pool. January to September is the best time for renovation projects.

• Gather photo-ideas from magazines and the internet if you consider a major pool transformation

• Remember that the garden and surroundings around the pool is as important as the pool. Ask us to recommend a good landscaping company if you do not have someone already

• Ideally, get 3 pool companies to quote before you contact us

• Decide on a realistic budget limit and be prepared to share this figure with us. The more we know about your financial constraints, needs and wants, the better and quicker we will be able to meet your expectations.