Filter sand in swimming pool

Filter sand that lying on the bottom of your pool means that the sand come out of the filter housing. This can only happened when the sand been changed and sand been spilled in the outlet pipe or one or a few finger is broken or damaged at the lateral assembly on the bottom of the filter housing.

With sand in the pool after a sand change, it mite be that the person that changed the sand didn’t closed the breather pipe and some of the sand entered the pipe. With this problem you can do the following:

  1. Leave the pool pump on and vacuum all the sand with the 8 wheeler.
  2. When the bottom is clean, leave the pool pump on for another 20 – 30 min. Check again if sand laying on the bottom of the pool. If no sand laying on the bottom, problem is solved.
  3. If there is again sand on the bottom of the pool, there is a problem at the lateral assembly on the bottom of the filter housing.
  4. To confirm it, the sand must be taken out of the housing and the lateral assembly need to be inspected. Replace the damaged part.